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Northern Futures is a community based not-for-profit organisation which has been operating since 2002.

Through collaborative activity, Northern Futures has established a well-respected brand through strong leadership and a willingness to know and respond to the needs of the broader community, including industry and business.

Our staff and Board members bring diversity of interests and extensive experience, and include representation from across business and government.

Workforce Development

Our commitment to our business community is to work towards a sustainable, resilient, adaptable local workforce.

It’s time to address challenges of the North

‘Our North, Our Future’ paper published


Northern Adelaide needs more targeted leadership and coordinated workforce information to create a better economic future for the region, according to Northern Futures Inc.


The paper details the workforce needs of northern Adelaide, lists ‘pain points’ in learning and literacies and coordinated career development, and identifies areas for action.

Northern Futures Inc Chairman Jon Martin said the north faced entrenched pockets of disengagement and low aspiration.

“The challenge is to inspire our youth and to develop their strengths,” Mr Martin said.

“The central issue that Our North, Our Future addresses is a lack of localised and connected knowledge, paired with action through the right channels.

“Northern Futures has focused on workforce development since its inception in 2002,” Mr Martin said. “We produced Our North, Our Future to help maximise employment opportunity in South Australia, in particular northern Adelaide, and our Board will work hard to ensure the successful implementation of the recommendations.”




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As previously advised Northern Futures is moving into a new era.  We have been busy working on a project that continues our original objectives and philosophy, to support workforce development in the northern regions.  However given the current environment like many organisations we will put that project on hold for the time being.  The workforce and economy may look very different post COVID-19 and we will re-address our mission and projects at that time.

Many thanks for your support, we do hope you will stay in touch via this page.