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Northern Futures is a community based not-for-profit organisation which has been operating for more than 12 years.

Through collaborative activity, Northern Futures has established a well-respected brand through strong leadership and a willingness to know and respond to the needs of the broader community, including industry and business.

Our staff and Board members bring diversity of interests and extensive experience, and include representation from across business and government.


community-based not for profit organization whose key role is to develop and progress State and Federal programs to advance education, training and workforce development in the northern region


The Disability Workforce Hub will help South Australia’s transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The Disability Workforce Hub initiative brings together employer needs plus current and future employee needs to ensure all South Australians, of all ages, have the opportunity to develop their work skills and find employment in the disability sector.

Have your say on Our North, Our Future

Thank you for your interest in the Our North Our Future: workforce and skills project. In the wake of the closure of Holdens and the emergence of new industries it is timely to update the 2010 Northern Adelaide Skills, Workforce and Employment Blueprint.

Our consultation process utilised forums and surveys to collect the perspectives of job seekers, the people involved in workforce development and wider community members, and asked questions that reflect the Six Pillars [of Success] identified in the 2010 Northern Adelaide Skills, Workforce and Employment Blueprint.

Using the information gathered, Northern Futures will be in a position to track local views about changes, trends and work yet to be done to support future workforce development in Our North.

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