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Partnership Broker Program Projects

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Partnership Broker Program Projects

By In Blog On April 4, 2014

Northern Futures Partnership Brokers will work to build strategic partnerships to improve education and transition outcomes and support young people to remain engaged, or reengage, in education or training and realise their full social and economic potential by:

  • Establishing high quality partnerships to improve young people’s education and transition outcomes;
  • Enhancing partnerships between education and training providers to assist young people to participate in challenging, relevant and engaging learning that broadens personal aspirations, improving education and transition outcomes;
  • Creating sustainable partnerships, engaging business and industry, that actively support the development of young people and contribute to the skills and knowledge of the future workforce;
  • Supporting parents and families capacity to participate in partnerships that provide an informed and supportive environment for all young people to enable lifelong learning, career and pathway planning; and
  • Building the capacity for community groups to participate in partnerships that harness resources and build social capital to support young people to identify and achieve their goals

Partnerships are developed that support:

  • Making classroom learning more meaningful for students by connecting learning to real life;
  • Broadening and deepening learning experiences by creating opportunities for learning beyond the “classroom”;
  • Expanding awareness of linkages between education and career opportunities;
  • Improving young people’s employability, career development and life skills; and
  • Recognising and accredit the learning that students do outside the classroom

For further information please contact:

Northern Adelaide Metro Region Gail Sulicich

Phone: 1800 619 933 Email: gsulicich@northernfutures.org.au

Barossa Region – Yvonne Cloke – Executive Officer – Barossa Lower North Futures

Mobile: 0448 824 367 Email: yvonne@blnfutures.com