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Our Workshops

Creating Opportunity

We run workshops that will directly address the reason you are struggling with gaining your next opportunity and the necessary keys required to be successful.

How to Improve your self-confidence – removing the barriers that are the direct effect of you not enjoying employment

Motivate You – teaching you the right actions to take once your self-confidence is on the improve

Identify your calling – working out exactly what you want to do and know why!!

Goal Set & Plan – why this is the missing link to success and how you can gain quicker results by improving in this area

Find your employer – identifying what industry you want to work in and who you would like to work for

Research – knowledge is power and when you approach an employer with knowledge it’s hard for them to say no

Apply – teach you how to approach employers not just respond to ads online

Follow up – how, when and how often

Interviewing techniques – how to prepare, how to present, how to ask the right questions and how you can control the interview

Getting the job – teaching you what is necessary to start the job, reach probation and excel in employment


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