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Our Values

Creating Opportunity


Central to all of our Values is one of looking after our Customers;

This includes our clients, contractors, employees and our contract partners.

Trust & Respect

Respect is the outcome of each staff member’s skills and experience being put into action to achieve the goals of the organisation. Trust will be gained through the integrity we display and transparency of our actions.

Commitment to Teamwork

Each person pulling their weight and in the same direction – involve each other, work together across boundaries, seek ideas, share talents, find solutions and our outcomes will reflect a focus on collective performance.

Responsive & Innovative

Working in partnership with stakeholders and being aware of their needs and resources. This can be achieved by valuing diversity of backgrounds and ideas in order to bring out the best for the benefit of our stakeholders and team members

Professional & Inspirational

A high level of excellence going above and beyond basic requirements which displays an exemplary work ethic by completing tasks in a timely manner with the highest quality possible and taking pride in completed tasks.

Creative in Achievement

We are career builders and encouragers and by anticipating change, responding swiftly, and where necessary we take creative action to get the job done. This is how we manage our progress and deliver individual and organisational goals.

Leadership & Diversity

We are of benefit to the Northern Adelaide community by innovating to create short-term and long-term value for stakeholders – our employees, clients we serve, company’s we engage, schools we work with and communities in which they operate.

Empathy with Compassion

Is a team value that promotes high commitment and cooperation in the workplace and clients we engage with. It is the ability to understand another person’s perspective or circumstance whether you agree or not. As empathetic employees we possess a desire to know and understand others which enables us to work effectively with our clients and fellow staff with the achievement of their goals.